Monday, May 18, 2009

The tamed shrew

So the Mad Men ferment begins with Vintage Verve's espousing synthetics and meekness.

Let's all fetishise typists, nylon stockings, girdles and being ancillary to an owerweening cad in a suit!

Now, which partisan bloggette will follow in tow?

My next post shall address the colourless bloggers and their 'thrifting' the palatable aspects of Grey Gardens as assisted by HBO, of course, that is, headscarves and charming kookiness not decrepitude, flea-ridden squalor and a pair of old shrews. It promises fun.


  1. I heard that in an upstairs wing of Grey Gardens contained human excrement - I'd like to see them copy that. The two Edies lived a horrible existence and they dressed like bag ladies. Oh silly me, that is the current trend. And we all know how the bewildered herd desires the following of trends.

    You touched on a raw nerve...theme dressers. You touched on another raw nerve....Vintage Verve.

  2. .....and another raw nerve....Mad Men

  3. Well, perhaps with a bit of luck, the inner thighs of the polyester stocking brigade will rub together, ignite a spark and.....WOOFA....spontaneous combustion makes a comeback.

  4. PS - Yes, without running water I did wonder about their ablutions.

    Marywin - Very funny, indeed.